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Pongo pygmaeus (I think)

There are two species of orangutan; one is from Borneo and one is from Sumatra.  I am not yet an expert and so am not sure which one this is.  They are difficult for me to tell apart.  Orangutans eat fruit, young leaves, shoots, bark, soil and animal prey, including monkeys.  They are suspensory, quadrumanous climbers.  Quadrumanous means that they use both their hands and their feet to grasp.  When walking on the ground, orangs bunch up their fists; they do not knuckle walk.  Orangs are solitary and a single male's territory overlaps that of multiple females.  Orangutans are diurnal and arboreal.  Males have an awesome loud call.  Orangutans sometimes have sex face to face and subadult males may rape females.